January's Hymn :: "He Leadeth Me"

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In the midst of these daily reminders of our weakness...with arrows hanging like illuminated road signs pointing to the magnitude of our need…we can breathe an eternal sigh of relief.  Peace, grace, through Him, for us.  The great unfathomable beauty of who God is and what God does….bringing peace through His stability and giving grace through our dependence.  When fear casts its shadow, He isn’t any less present.  When brokenness breaks in, He isn’t any less wonderful.

As we launch into 2021, every month we’ll be diving into the depth and generational breath of some rich hymns.  Rich in word, rich in history.  For January (and starting this Sunday) we will be focusing on the hymn He Leadeth Me.  The first verse reads: He leadeth me, O blessed thought, O words with heavenly comfort fraught.  A paraphrased version of this might say something like, Jesus, Take the Wheel (insert smiley face emoji here).  Us...letting go…looking to God…depending on Him as our source, foundation, and peace.  The only unshakeable stability. 

Looking beyond January, we’ve got 11 other hymns we’ll lean into this year.  The themes of the 12 hymns are: Peace, not Instability (January-June), Grace, not Self (July-December).  Read the words of these hymns, learn the melodies.  Dive in, swim deep.

Eyes Upward, Heart Outward, Feet Forward,