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We see a clear need for teams that come together for the purpose of serving during or in preparation for Sunday service. Teams provide a great opportunity to connect and grow with other members while serving our Body. 



Team Leaders: Paul & Becca Allen

Email: beccaeallen@gmail.com

The heart of this team is to create a warm and welcoming environment where people can see and hear the gospel through transformed lives. Responsibilities include coffee setup, being present at the welcome table, greeting, and caring for the body by displaying hospitality. This includes taking meals to families in need. 


Baptism & Communion 

Team Leader: Mike Newman

Email: mikenewms@gmail.com

The Baptism & Communion Team is oversees the membership class and helps people as they pursue baptism.  Every other Sunday, this team prepares the Lord’s Supper for all believers before service.



Team Leader: Peter Leeper

Email: ptleep@gmail.com

We always need volunteers to help in any of the KidZone rooms! You will be asked to hold a baby, play with a toddler, teach or assist a teacher as they teach the lesson. Our desire is to care for our kids well by being a godly example and teaching them the gospel every Sunday morning.  We would love for you to jump in and help as we seek to do that. 


Setup & Breakdown 

Team Leader: Jerry Anderson

Email: jerry5anderson77@gmail.com

This team maintains a clean and welcoming environment at The Gathering. You can serve with either the pre-service the post-service team.


Worship & Media 

Team Leader: Joe Plante

Email: joseph.mj.plante@gmail.com

The hope of those on the team is to use their gifts to point people to see a bigger and clearer picture of who Christ is. The worship team leads worship at the Sunday morning service. The media team serves the church through sound and other related technical support.



Team Leader: Bonnie & Rolly Zink

Email: bonniezink83@gmail.com

This team, along with the elders is devoted to prayer.  This team will bookend the Sunday service with prayer as well as oversee the ministry of prayer Monday through Saturday.  



Team Leader: Barb Mathias

Email: mathias7868@roadrunner.com

The Finance team collects the gifts received on Sunday mornings as well as serves the elders to steward the money and resources in our care.