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Community Group Recap

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When launching our Community Groups in the fall of 2018, we mentioned the five levels of friendship, funneling from many people to a few.  These levels are:  Strangers, Casual Acquaintances, Friends, Deep Friendships or Family, and Intimacy.  At the latter three levels, one is surrounded by people who know you, care about you and pray for you as you do life together.

Our ultimate desire was that through our Community Groups, members would experience intimacy with God first and then with one or two other members of their group. 

So what are the things that occur in a Community Group? In retrospect, how did we do this first year?  We asked members to comment on each.

Connection – For a couple who recently moved to the Maineville area, the group provided the opportunity to connect and develop friendships.

Support (emotional, mental, physical, etc.) – The group provided opportunities to come alongside those who have a need, whether it’s physical (sickness, moving), emotional (new baby, death of a loved one, marital or parenting issues), or mental (depression, etc.).

Acceptance/Belonging – “We have the opportunity to interact and share with others of different generations.”

Accountability – There were some in the groups who really appreciated having the accountability.

Fellowship – “The Community Group gave us the opportunity to come closer together and get to know each other.  It’s harder to do that on Sunday mornings.”

“Our group had a sweet time of fellowship.”

Spiritual – “As we got to know each other better, and trust each other more, our spiritual growth deepened.”

We have opportunities to grow in each of these areas this next year.  If you want to experience life together in smaller community groups, please contact Dave or Janet Zender at janetzender@gmail.com

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