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COVID-19 Update from the Elders


Church Family,

We wanted to inform you of our first dealings with a COVID-19 exposure within our church and how we handled it. We are committed to being as transparent as possible in every case, whether direct or secondary exposure that we know of in order to communicate well and continue a relationship of trust during these challenging times.

 On Monday (7/13), a member of our body contacted me and expressed that they had been exposed to someone outside our church who eventually tested positive for COVID-19. We immediately called all families that had either possible or direct contact from Sunday morning. This morning (7/16), we received the good news that test results came back NEGATIVE from our member. We thank the Lord for this news. If you have any questions or concerns or would like further detail, I would be glad to spend some time on the phone with you.

Certainly, these times are teaching the church great love, grace, and flexibility. The likelihood of this occurring in the future is foreseeable. We will do our best to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and entrust ourselves into the Lord’s hands. We are also aware that our posture of open communication is subject to criticism, but we would rather be open and helpful than hidden. This promotes a spirit of love and trust. To encourage and remind you:

  • Pray each week about your decision to come to church in person. Trust the Lord and each other.
  • Please assess the health of your family prior to coming. If you are not feeling well, running a fever or have a cough, please stay at home.
  • We are asking all those saints over 65, or with underlying at-risk health conditions (diabetes, etc.) to be cautious and wise in your decision to gather in person.
  • Remember to follow social distancing guidelines. This is especially important during the entrance and exit times before and after the service.

In addition, we are requiring masks for the unforeseeable future based on the rising numbers as well as the Governor’s request. Please watch the announcement HERE. If you have not listened to his address from Wednesday, July 15th, please do so HERE.


For His Glory,

Mike Newman

Peter Leeper