Why the YMCA?

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Why the YMCA?

Since our genesis, we’ve used a phrase to describe our philosophy of ministry.  It goes like this:  “Loving our community by loving the YMCA”.  What does that mean?  If you are one to parse words, there’s a lot to discuss in that short phrase.  I’d like to start with the “YMCA” part.  Why the YMCA?

 Rather than having a view of simply “renting a space”, we see the YMCA as a community gathering point and primary platform for genuine gospel ministry to the community around us.  Such a heart and vision is consistent with the original mission and vision of the YMCA …to reach people for Christ and help them grow in Him. 

 The founder of the YMCA, George Williams was once asked, “What was in your mind that caused you to form the first Young Men’s Christian Association?” His Response? “We had one thing in mind and that was to bind our little company together in order that we might the better lead our comrades to Christ, and in order that we might share with one another our personal experience of Christ.” 

 Some of the deepest roots and foundational commitments affirm the “C” in the YMCA.  The Paris Basis of 1855 serves as a foundational document.  It states, “The Young Men’s Christian Association seeks to unite those young men, who regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Savior, according to the Holy Scriptures, desire to be His disciples in their faith and in their life, and to associate their efforts for the extension of His Kingdom amongst young men.” 

 In summary, The Gathering, church in the Countryside YMCA | Maineville embraces the same priorities:

1. To exalt Jesus.

2. To be faithful to God’s Word.

3. To make disciples.

4. To spread God’s Kingdom.

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