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Global Prayer Initiative | Jerusalem

Global Prayer Initiative

The Gathering,

We are continuing our “Global Prayer Initiative” in order to pray specifically about how we can love and serve the YMCA internationally.  We’re asking, “Where to Lord?” This month, we are devoting the YMCA of Jerusalem to prayer.  So that you can pray with us, here's a few ways to get to know & pray for the Jerusalem YMCA…

Getting to know the Jerusalem YMCA:

  • In 1933, the Jerusalem YMCA’s landmark facility was opened. A striking work of architecture, this facility is also deeply ingrained in the history of the city itself.
  • Until 1991, the YMCA’s soccer stadium was the only one in the city.
  • Until the 1960s, its pool was the only one in the city.
  • The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra made the Y its first home.
  • The YMCA’s hostel has evolved into a four-star hotel, and the snack bar that served troops during World War II and other conflicts is now a renowned restaurant.
  • Check out their website!  http://ymca.org.il/about/

Praying for the YMCA of Jerusalem:  


  • Pray for Open Doors (Colossians 4:3)  |  The Main Programs that the Jerusalem YMCA serve the community in Culture, Sports, Education and Knowledge.  Could you contribute in one of those areas to love and serve the YMCA in Jerusalem?


  • Pray for Workers (Matt 9:37-38)  | Friends of the Jerusalem YMCA (www.friendsofjiy.org) has begun a cohort called “onPRINCIPLE” in order to put “Christian principles into practice for a new generation of YMCA leaders”.  They are seeking twelve leaders under the age of 40 to study abroad for nine months. The capstone of onPRINCIPLE is an immersive experience in Isael and Palestine, focused on the Jerusalem International YMCA and partner YMCAs throughout the Holy Land.  Would you pray for these twelve and the future leadership of the YMCA?


  • Pray that the Message spreads rapidly & would be honored (II Thess 3:1)  | Isn’t this a great prayer request from the Apostle Paul?  Let’s pray this would happen through the platform of the YMCA in Jerusalem!



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