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Global Prayer Initiative | Toronto

Global Prayer Initiative

The Gathering,

We are continuing our “Global Prayer Initiative” in order to pray specifically about how we can love and serve the YMCA internationally.  We’re asking, “Where to Lord?” This month, we are devoting the YMCA of Toronto to prayer.  So that you can pray with us, here's a few ways to get to know & pray for the Toronto YMCAs…

Getting to know the Toronto YMCA:

  • A quick google search will show you there are 23 YMCA’s in the Greater Toronto area.  To our knowledge, there are no churches in any of them.  Check out their websites!
  • Toronto suffers from a considerable amount of substance abuse.  The Y has crafted programs to help young adults choose wisely. 
  • The Toronto YMCA’s invest into the youth programs such as Youth Leadership and development, Youth Exchange programs, and Youth Teen Nights.
  • The YMCA Academy of Toronto teaches children with various learning disabilities and special needs.

Praying for the YMCAs of Toronto:  

  • Pray for Open Doors (Colossians 4:3)  |  There are a number of solid churches that are looking to plant within the next 1-3 years.  Pray that God would burden a church to plant in one of the YMCA’s of Toronto!  Pray that God would open doors to supernatural networking among the Toronto and American churches.
  • Pray for Workers (Matt 9:37-38)  | The YMCA’s of Toronto have paved wonderful inroads to love and serve their communities.  Pray that the church would rise up and be the hands & feet of Jesus through these programs.  Also, prayfully consider how you might love and serve Toronto through any of these programs.  
  • Pray that the Message spreads rapidly & would be honored (II Thess 3:1)  | Isn’t this a great prayer request from the Apostle Paul?  Let’s pray this would happen through the platform of the YMCA’s of Toronto as local churches preach, baptize, disciple and multiply!



Pastor Mike